Radiolab: Trust Engineers




Radiolab takes a look inside Facebook data science, in particular the engineers who track and study user behavior. This includes details about the initial public awareness that caused widespread controversy when it was revealed that all Facebook users were subject to experimentation.

MacGuffins, hackerkids and the troublesome 21st century: Quinn Norton

Quinn Norton discusses a future of education that addresses the as yet unknown needs of the future rather than one that continues to be built on twentieth century institutions. This in the context of current self-organized communities online and off, such as Anonymous and Burning Man. Well worth the time.

3 Lessons from Hip-Hop History for Activists

DJ and social commentator Jay Smooth lays out some history behind the early hip-hop movement that might provide insight for activists of the current generation. His thoughts are, as always, insightful and entertaining, and apply to any area where greater awareness of pushback due to generational differences might be of use.

The Internet’s Own Boy: Aaron Swartz

The full film about online activist and technologist Aaron Swartz, contributor to the Creative Commons project, RSS, and cofounder of Reddit.

Aaron’s life was lost after a prolonged campaign by the US government to make an example of him after he  download a large volume of scientific journals from a closed system at MIT.